Ballet Exams 2016-2017

During the lessons we work towards the level of standardized ballet exams. This year there will be a dance professional from England on Sunday, June 18th (subject to change) to assess our children. The examinations are conducted as much as possible in our regular teaching locations. Of course it is a shame to learn the exam well during the lessons, but not to do the actual exam. To participate in these exams, you have to pay only 30 euros! (25 euros if it is a preschool / preprimary class). All students who are three years or older at the time of the exam can do an exam!

Why exams?

Children often find it fun to do. It gives the children a goal in the dance class, and it helps the children to focus better. Both the students and the teacher learn from the tests, with the result that students become better at dancing. It gives the children more self-confidence, self-expression and presentation skills. It gives the kids a positive motivation to continue and it gives them recognition for what they can. The children are often very proud of themselves when they have done the exam. Moreover, the children are awared a nice dance degree with a report card, which tells them what they already do very well and in which they might grow. The most fun is probably the award! Which award they receive, is dependent on the level of the examination. This can be a medal or a badge, but also a big trophy! Of course, the diploma and the award will be awarded during a graduation ceremony where the children can show what they have done during the exam and which qualifications they have received. Finally, the examination is of course also very good to do when the kids want to take it further in the dance world!

Are preschoolers not too young? Shouldn't I wait until they are older?

Toddlers and preschoolers are definitely not too young! By starting at a young age with the special pre-school exams, it will prevent the children to develop a fear of exams. In a playful way, they learn about doing test, and therefore they will deal with them in a positive way. Preschoolers enjoy the same benefits as the older children, but older children who started doing exams as a preschooler, are always performing with more certainty and get better results!

Logging on and off for the exam

We would like to know if your child will or will not participate in the examination. The participation letter needs to be returned to the teacher by March 17! Letting us know through an email or the website is of course also possible! If the participation information has not reached us in time, we assume that your child will be participating in the exams!