Teaching Method

Ballet School de Kattensprong teaches with the uses an international syllabus, including Classical Ballet, Theatre Craft and Musical Theatre. The syllabus covers all ages and leads from an amateur to a professional standard. From 5 years, pupils can begin Ballet, Theatre Craft, Tap and/or Musical Theatre Craft and grow until they eventually achieve a professional level. Following the syllabus leads to good technical results and provides a clear, internationally recognizable ballet standard. International recognizable, because the syllabus is the same anywhere in the world, and therefore, the same substance is taught, whether it is in the Netherlands or on the other side of the world. With the Preschool Ballet classes (2,5 until 5 years), the school follows an international method developed specifically for this age group.
It is possible, not obligatory, to complete each year with a ballet exam. Even Preschool Ballet can be completed with an exam. Through these exams they are able to uphold the standards of ballet and promote the love of ballet around the world.

Preschool Ballet
(2,5 until 5 years)
Classical Ballet
(5+ years)
Musical Theatre Craft
(5+ years)