Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet, a dance form dating from the 17th century, is suitable for everyone and is the technical basis of all other types of ballet. Ballet School de Kattensprong teaches the British style of Classical Ballet. The characteristics of the British Classical Ballet are a focus on a clean, precise technique an a focus on the basics. All UK methods operate under the principle that obtaining a good sound technique and strength in the beginning, makes it easier to learn more difficult steps and techniques in the later stages. This ballet style has produced several famous dancers such as Dame Alicia Markova (Prima Ballerina Assoluta), Dame Margot Fonteyn (Prima Ballerina Assoluta) and Darcey Bussell (Prima Ballerina).
In all lessons we work in a fun and creative way towards good dance technical basis with exercises au milieu (in the centre), en diagonale (from the corner) and in patterns (e.g. circles), both adagio (slow) and allegro (fast). We are also working with the barre. In all lessons we work on enchaînements (combinations of steps), creative improvisation and choreography. There is an emphasis on musicality, expression, elegance and pleasure at all levels. We also do exercises for agility, flexibility, posture and strength. All classes are completed with a bow or  curtsey.
 During the lessons Classical Ballet we also work with Character Dance or Dance Caractère / National Dance; a kind of dance that is based on traditional folk dancing. Character Dance is part of the Classical Ballet and refers to the grotesque folk characters who are portrayed during performances, next to the noble refined Classical Ballet parts.
Depending on age and level, pupils are placed in a suitable class, after which pupils can continue, depending on technique, through the years, towards a professional level. Pupils who continue with Classical Ballet will develop a good technique, good posture and an extensive dance vocabulary. To reach a professional standard it is recommended to attend lessons at least twice a week. The lessons last 45 to 60 minutes. At the end of each year, there is the possibility to do exams.