Preschool Ballet

Preschool Ballet allows children from 2,5 until 5 years to playfully get acquainted with the world of music, ballet, expression and creativity. The lessons are designed for the developmental needs of these age groups. It serves as a perfect base for when they later want to continue dancing, every dance style whatsoever, but even if they never continue with ballet, it contributes to their physical, emotional and social development.
In the classes, Preschoolers playfully develop strength, coordination, motor skills, balance, concentration, improvisation and rhythm in a fun and expressive way. The lessons are linked to themes such as seasons, holidays, fairy tales and animals. They also meet with contrasts such as fast / slow, loud / soft and high / low, and the portraying of emotions. During the lessons a few basic steps from Classical Ballet (including Character Dance), Theatre Craft  and Musical Theatre will be started, but the focus is not yet on technique. Consequently, the class will not work with the barre, pointe shoes or heels. There is, however, an emphasis on musicality, expression, elegance and fun. All classes are completed with a bow or curtsey.
When pupils become 5 years old, they can progress to Ballet, Theatre Craft, Tap and/or Musical Theatre. The classes last 30 minutes; a length that suits the concentration span of Preschoolers. During the lesson, the children will normally be allone with the teacher; during the first lesson and presentation lessons parents can watch, of course. At the end of the year there is also for toddlers and preschoolers the possibility to take examinations and to take part in the performance