City pass & Funds

For students who can not pay the ballet lessons there are special funds that can pay the tuition fees for these students. Pupils from 4 to 18 years in Den Bosch can apply via an intermediary (social worker) at the Youth Culture Fund. Pupls from 2 to 18 years in Amsterdam can apply through an intermediary (social worker) at the Youth Culture Fund or, if they own a City Pass, the ballet school can submit this application for them. Depending on the situation of the pupil, these funds pay part or all of the lesson costs up to a maximum of 450 euros per child after application! Children can choose a maximum of one activity per year.

In Amsterdam it is also possible for children between the ages of 0 and 14 within a City Pass to take 3 months of classes against payments of 5 eurs. The ballet school and the municipality of Amsterdam then pay the rest of the lesson costs for the student! Children can choose up to two offers from the kids guide per year.