School Year Subscription

With the School Year Subscription you buy lessons for 9 months, from 30 September 2023 until 30 June 2024:
  • With 45 minutes per week E252,00 per year (E28,00 per month with 9 monthly installments)
  • With 60 minutes per week E279,00 per year (E31,00 per month with 9 monthly installments)
  • With 2 lessons per week E360,00 per year (E40,00 per month with 9 monthly installments)
  • With 3 or more lessons per week E470,00 per year (E52,23 per month with 9 monthly installments)
  • Administration fee when starting or converting a subscription E10,00

This is the cheapest subscription available, but it is not possible to cancel before the end date of the subscription! Do you want to be able to cancel before the end date? Take a look at our other subscriptions! We charge a 10 euro administration fee when starting or converting a subscription. The administration costs expire when you start a new subscription, immediately after an earlier subscription expires. Participation in performances and international dance exams is included in the tuition fee. No lessons are given during performances, exams, school holidays and public holidays, and this has already been calculated in the price of the subscription. With several students from the same family we offer a family member discount of 5% on the cheapest subscription. When the chosen subscription ends, you can easily renew with a new subscription of your choice.

Starting after the start of the subscription

When you start the lessons after the course has already started, 5 euros for every missed week of class prior to enrollment will be deducted from the total price of the subscription. If you made use of a 'free trial lesson', this trial lesson is counted as the first lesson taken and therefore not deducted. After the start of the Spring Subscription it is no longer possible to start a School Year Subscription

Payment methods

When we have received the enrollment form from the pupil, the pupil then receives the confirmation of enrollment by e-mail. This includes the invoice with regard to the tuition fee, as well as information about the payment method. Payment must be made in one go or in monthly installments to the ballet school. The lessons must always be paid before the start of the month in which they take place. In the event of late payment, additional costs may be charged and, if necessary, the claim can be handed over. All resulting costs will be passed on to the student in question.