Workshop / Private lessons

Would you like to book a workshop, project or private lessons? For example, as an activity for primary school, secondary school, dance school, childcare, preschool, out-of school or after-school care? Or in the context of a birthday party, teambuilding, audition preparation, a project or event? Then contact the ballet school for more information. The level, dance style and, if desired, theme, are determined in consultation. The ballet school takes care of the lesson content, the music, the music installation, any props during the lessons and, if desired, the ballet barre.

Our rates depend on your wishes. For a dance workshop or private lesson we ask 30 euros per hour as a fee, with a minimum of one hour of lessons. When the workshop or lesson takes place at your own location, we also charge travel costs (depending on the location) and also 20.00 euro transport costs per requested barre (this is optional). Four to six people can take a seat at one barre. When the workshop or lesson takes place at our location, we charge 35.00 euro room rent instead. Barres are present at our locations. Contact us, if you want to know more!