V. Ballet Diamonds 

europa open global classical dance competition

for future professionals - students of colleges/State Ballet Schools and amateurs - students of private schools/studios.

Dear educators and classical dance performers, 

we invite you to participate in europa open global classical dance competition "Ballet Diamonds".


- classical ballet  

- character dance

-  folk dance

- historical dance.


8-12 year old 

13-17 year old

18-27 year old

27 + year old

( exclusiv for Amateurs) 


This competition has DOUBLE  WINNERS  in each category : 

professional Jury results and viewers voting results.

All of us - professional dancers and amateurs dedicate our art to the spectator and try to develop professionally.

We enable artists to receive full recognition !!!

It is a new-generation dance-art contest without borders on a specially designed contemporary video platform with viewers voting, and does not have analogous in the world of dance.

Send in your Videos until 20th March 2022:


The open competition with viewers voting takes place from

25 March until 10 April 2022.

Ballet Diamonds honours both the artist and their educator.

Competition prize fund:

For the performers - certificate supported by and CID, UNESCO and gift from our sponsors.

For the teachers - a gratitude certificate supported by CID, UNESCO and gift from our sponsors.

“Ballet Diamonds” allows performers/choreographers/educators to show the world their artistry.

The competition conditions and list of categories can be found at www.ballet-diamonds.com

Voting rules:

- all the videos are displayed at the same time;

- viewers from around the world (no need to log in/register to the site) can see all the contestant performances and vote by pressing “Like” under the video;

- after the end of time, the voting will stop all at once, and the votes under each video will be recorded;

- anyone can give for their favourites;

- voting is free.

Organizers: Jefimowa BalletProduction Germany, CID, UNESCO

Registration: www.ballet-diamonds.com

Visit our site, share information with friends and participate in our contests as a performer or as a vote - choose the most talented, according to you.

With the best wishes,

Jefimowa Ballet Production Team


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Ballet Diamonds - online Competition

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