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You can start classes throughout the school year, as long as there are still places available in the desired class. The form below is only intended to permanently register you for our dance classes; if you want to find out if our dance lessons are right for you, sign up for a free trial lesson instead! You will receive a confirmation email and the corresponding invoice within a week after registration! If you don't want to miss our confirmation, please add "balletschooldekattensprong@outlook.com" to your list of safe adresses and / or check your SPAM-filter regularly. See you soon!

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By completing the form below you enter into a payment obligation: you are not entitled to any reflection period, because of the statutory exception for services for leisure activities with an agreed period of time. After registration, the pupil is obliged to pay the tuition fee for the duration of the entire subscription, regardless of the actual number of lessons taken. Payment obligations only expire in exceptional situations, as laid down in our General Terms and Conditions. Not following the lessons does not relieve you of your payment obligation!

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