Wij hebben een 100% slagingspercentage! Wij zijn erg trots op onze examenresultaten, met name omdat veel van onze leerlingen maar één keer per week les hebben en daarmee prachtige resultaten behalen.

Leerlingen kunnen met behulp van hun PIN (Personal Identification Number) hun eigen examenresultaten herkennen en deze vergelijken met de overige resultaten. Klik hieronder op de juiste dansstijl en -niveau voor de bijbehorende examenresultaten en meer uitleg over de examenresultaten, of voer je PIN in, in de zoekbalk boven aan de pagina.
Naar aanleiding van onze examenssessie van juni / juli 2021, kennen wij de volgende leerlingen een prestatiebeurs toe vanwege uitzonderlijke resultaten:
1. PIN CJL207 met een Distinction, 86, in Ballet én een Distinction, 86, in Acrobatic Dance
2. PIN CJL200 met een Distinction, 86, in Acrobatic Dance
3. PIN CJL195 met een Distinction, 86, in General Dance
4. PIN CJL245 met een Distinction, 86, in General Dance
5. PIN CGS608 met een Distinction, 86, in General Dance
6. PIN CGS580 met een Distinction, 86, in General Dance
7. PIN CJL227 met een Distinction, 87, in Acrobatic Dance
Winnaars van eerdere examensessies waren:

1. (2020) PIN CJL207 met een Honours, 85, in Musical Theatre
2. (2020) PIN CBX944 met een Highly Commended, 84, in Theatre Craft
3. (2020) PIN CGS578 met een Merit, 83, in Theatre Craft
4. (2019) PIN CGS220 met een Distinction, 85, in Ballet
5. (2019) PIN CGS624 met een Distinction, 85, in Acrobatic Dance
6. (2019) PIN CGS606 met een Honours, 85, in Musical Theatre

Onze examinatrices zijn geweest:

20-06/14-07-2021: Denise Skinner (per video / livestream)
Fellow Examiner for IDTA and a British Federation Adjudicator. Miss Denise is a member of both the Theatre Craft and Musical theatre faculties for the IDTA, and lectures internationally. Co-principal of the school which was established in 1991, Miss Denise is a passionate and experienced teacher who is extremely well regarded in the local and national dance world. Recently nominated for a prestigious Carl Alan award for services to Dance Teaching.

12/13-12-2020: Christa Collard (per video / livestream)
Member of the IDTA Ballet faculty. Miss Christa Collard became the Principal of Walsall Academy of Dance in 2010 after working as the Vice Principal and a senior member of staff for over 10 years at the Academy. Miss Christa, as she is known to her students, is a qualified Secondary Teacher specialising in Dance Education.

14/15-03-2020: Jacey Collins (GEANNULEERD vanwege Corona)
Tu Tu’s Dance Studio was established, in 1999, by Jacey Collins, after a successful career in Musical Theatre.  Miss Collins has been a Dance Examiner/Adjudicator with the I.D.T.A since 2010.  She offers her extensive expertise to guarantee that every student will receive a higher level of training. Under her leadership, we continuously strive to teach students from beginner to vocational levels. We accomplish this by offering an extensive range of classes to young enthusiasts who love all things dance, drama, singing and movement.

16/17-03-2019: Wendy Hazelby
Principal of Hazelbiz Performers Academy, Fellow IDTA and Adjudicator. Hazelbiz Performers Academy's doors have been open to eager students since 2001 and in that time we have succeeded in training children and adults to dance to their full potential in a disciplined but fun environment. Some of our students train intensively with us and regularly compete in local festivals and and national championships, whilst some students visit us as a hobby, once a week for fun classes. Classes in Modern/Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Street and Gymnastics.

18-03-2018: Lesley Munn
Principal Miss Lesley Munn FIDTA has been teaching in her own school, Munn Academy of Dance, for over 40 years. She is a Fellow Member of the International Dance Teachers Association and also a Senior Examiner of the IDTA. She teaches classes at MAD and coaches teachers in all subjects. She also is an Adjudicator for dance festivals.

18-06-2017: Linda Regan
IDTA Examiner and teacher, membert of the IDTA Musical Theatre and Theatre Craft faculty. Experienced Dance Teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the performing arts industry. Skilled in Contemporary Dance, Improvisation, Theatre, Performing Arts, and Acting. Strong professional graduated from Durham University.


Acrobatic Dance, Preparatory Grade

11-04-2019 20:51

Acrobatic Dance, Primary Grade

25-06-2021 14:44

Ballet, Bronze Award

12-04-2019 15:59

Ballet, Grade 1

29-09-2018 17:42

Ballet, Grade 2

29-09-2018 17:38

Ballet, Grade 3

29-09-2018 17:21

Ballet, Grade 4

29-09-2018 17:17

Ballet, Grade 5

12-04-2019 15:51

Ballet, Juvenile Award

12-04-2019 13:41

Ballet, Pre-Juvenile Award

29-09-2018 17:56

Ballet, Preliminary Award

12-04-2019 15:56

Ballet, Preparatory Grade

29-09-2018 17:53

Ballet, Primary Grade

29-09-2018 17:48

Ballet, Theatre Rosette

30-07-2021 21:50

Contemporary Modern Jazz, Preparatory Grade

11-04-2019 16:25

Contemporary Modern Jazz, Primary Grade

12-04-2019 15:53

General Dance Programme, Primary Grade

12-04-2019 08:13

Musical Theatre, Introductory Award

29-09-2018 17:45

Musical Theatre, Introductory Stage

11-04-2019 16:18

Musical Theatre, Stage 1

29-09-2018 17:39

Musical Theatre, Stage 2

26-07-2021 12:32

Tap, Preparatory Grade

02-01-2021 20:24

Tap, Primary Grade

11-04-2019 20:33

Theatre Craft, Bronze Award

02-01-2021 20:26

Theatre Craft, Grade 1

29-09-2018 17:41

Theatre Craft, Grade 2

11-04-2019 16:15

Theatre Craft, Preparatory Grade

29-09-2018 17:51

Theatre Craft, Primary Grade

29-09-2018 17:47