Ballet, Bronze Award

12-04-2019 15:59

Het cijfer van de examinator wordt voor de bronzen onderscheiding (Bronze Award) aangegeven als: niet geslaagd (0-64, Unsuccessful), geslaagd (65-74, Pass), geprezen (75-79, Commended), zeer geprezen (80-84, Highly Commended) of onderscheiding (85-100, Honours).

The Examiner's mark for the Bronze Award is indicated as: Unsuccessful (0-64), Pass (65-74), Commended (75-79), Highly Commended (80-84) or Honours (85-100).   

PIN (year) Overall mark (100) Comments
CBX896 (2019) Commended (77) Tried hard with her steps today. Continue to develop and strengthen the overall classical technique now. Pleasing use of the knees, showing depth.
CBX900 (2019) Commended (78) An expressive performance, now aim to lengthen the leg lines and secure the turn out. Keep listening carefully to the music to help with the timing of your steps.