Ballet, Medal 1: Juvenile Award

12-04-2019 13:41

The Examiner's mark is indicated as: Unsuccessful (0-64), Pass (65-74), Commended (75-79), Highly Commended (80-84) or Honours (85-100).    

PIN (year) Overall mark (100) Comments
CBX884 (2019) Highly Commended (83) Lovely soft use of the arms, hands and fingers. Carefully placed steps hich show some promise. Good girl!
CDS271 (2019) Highly Commended (83) A lovely performance showing enjoyment for the subject. Pleasing use of the hands and fingers and a lovely smile.
CDS280 (2019) Honours (85)

Pleasing expression developing along with promising technique. The feet were nicely stretched in the sautés showing strong lift.