Ballet, Preliminary Award

12-04-2019 15:56

Het cijfer van de examinator wordt voor de inleidende onderscheiding (Preliminary Award) aangegeven als: niet geslaagd (0-64, Unsuccessful), geslaagd (65-74, Pass), geprezen (75-79, Commended), zeer geprezen (80-84, Highly Commended) of onderscheiding (85-100, Honours).

The Examiner's mark for the Preliminary Award is indicated as: Unsuccessful (0-64), Pass (65-74), Commended (75-79), Highly Commended (80-84) or Honours (85-100).   

PIN (year) Overall mark (100) Comments
CDS262 (2019) Highly Commended (82) The port de bras was nicely supported. Now continue to strengthen the turn out and the feet. Clearly demonstrated showing developing use of mime.
CBX889 (2019) Highly Commended (83) Pleasing lift in the temps levé, now aim to maintain the turn out, particularly on demi-pointe. The mime actions were clear, now aim for further expression.
CDS268 (2019) Highly Commended (84) Pleasing lift and balloné in the allegro steps. Take care with the ankle line and aim to maintain the turn out. Lovely use of the gestures and promising expression.
CDS267 (2019) Honours (85) Pleasing use of the port de bras. Aim for a little more expression in the presentation. Promising use of the gestures developing.