Grade 1 Ballet

29-09-2018 17:42
PIN Overall mark (100) Technique (60) Musicality (20) Performance (20) Comments
CBX889 (2017) Distinction (88) 52 18 18 Lovely strong lines and placing shows promise. Steps have pleasing action and very good musical awareness and timing. Charming performance of your dance.
CBX900 (2017) Distinction (88) 52 18 18 Strong technical placing and line and lovely dainty work developing. Steps show most promising action. Charming sense of performance and very good musical awareness. Promising work.
CBX897 (2017) Distinction (87) 52 17 18 Lovely style and sense of performance and expression. Neat and accurate allegro work developing and pleasing musical awareness. Dance performed well. A most promising candidate.
Distinction (87) 51 18 18 Placing shows promise with pleasing lines developing. Steps neatly shown with nice musical awareness throughout. Dance performed with style.
CBX895 (2017) Distinction (86) 51 18 17 Pleasing lines and placing shows promise. Nice sense of performance developing and very good elevation on steps. Be more confident now. Dance performed well today.
CDS199 (2018) Merit (80) 48 16 16 Barre exercises developing well. Fully stretch your feet 2nd and derrière. A very good attempt at allegro. Fully stretch feet to neaten. Glissades a little muddled. Listen carefully to your music. Imrpovisation excellent. Dance very good try. Neaten footwork more.