Ballet, Grade 2

29-09-2018 17:38

In Grade 1-3 candidates demonstrate an increasing vocabulary of movement in the chosen discipline. An understanding of the technique is reflected in the ability to co-ordinate simple movements to produce combnations of steps and quality of movement, ie: precision and control within the range of their own physical capacity. Candidates communicate an increasing confidence in performance. They are able to interpret music and display a developing sensitivity to musical content and style. Candidates' performances show a developing spatial awareness, an ability to work with others and a responsiveness to an audience.

The Examiner's mark is indicated as Unsuccessful (0-64), Pass (65-74), Merit (75-84) or Distinction (85-100). With a Pass, the candidate has an understanding of the syllabus requirements with adequate demonstration (technique), shows some awareness of timing and rhythm (musicality) and attains a basic sense of presentation (performance). With a Merit, the candidate has an understanding of the syllabus requirement with competent to good demonstration (technique), maintains awareness of timing and rhythm and may respond to the mood and changes of the music (musicality) and shows development of expression through movement and may show ability to project the performance to an audience (performance). With a Distinction, the candidate shows a very good / excellent understanding of the syllabus requirements with a very good demonstration (technique), maintains a very good / excellent rhythm and timing, and responds well to the dynamics of the music (musicality), and shows confidence in performance and presentation (performance).

PIN (year) Overall mark (100) Technique (60) Musicality (20) Performance (20) Comments
CDS262 (2018) Merit (82) 48 16 17

A good attempt at barre exercises. Care needed to sustain placing at times and with demi pointe. Allegro avoid rolling ankles, open knees in demi plié. A little hesistant today. Improvisation super. Variation presented with lovely feeling.

CBX900 (2018) Distinction (85) 52 17 16

A very good attempt. Barre with good technique. Care needed with detail of exercises at times. Allegro good try. Be more confident. Improvisation excellent. Variation carefully presented.

CDS899 (2018) Distinction (88) 54 17 17

Barre well known. Care with plié placing. Technique developing well. A good response to centre. Allegro quick response to enchaînement. Improvisation very responsive. Variation neat work.