Musical Theatre, Introductory Award

29-09-2018 17:45

Het cijfer van de examinator wordt voor de inleidende onderscheiding (Introductory Award) aangegeven als: niet geslaagd (0-64, Unsuccessful), geslaagd (65-74, Pass), geprezen (75-79, Commended), zeer geprezen (80-84, Highly Commended) of onderscheiding (85-100, Honours).

The Examiner's mark for the Introductory Award is indicated as: Unsuccessful (0-64), Pass (65-74), Commended (75-79), Highly Commended (80-84) or Honours (85-100).   

PIN (year) Overall mark (100) Comments
CBX938 (2018)
Commended (75)

'Poem': good timing between the girls. 'Musical theatre performance': try to match all your words. Very clear when you sing together. Dance presented with enjoyment.

CDS172 (2019) Commended (77) 'Poem': performed with energy and suitable expression. 'Musical theatre performance': an enjoyable performance. A little out of time so keep listening carefully to the music.
CDS169 (2019) Commended (77) 'Poem': was well delivered showing projection and clarity. 'Musical theatre performance': try not to rush, listen carefully to the music to assist with the timing and tuning.
CBX944 (2019) Commended (78) 'Poem': pleasing use of rhythm and pace through the piece. 'Musical theatre performance': a tuneful song which shows promising vocal quality. Try not to rush in places.
CDS607 (2019) Highly Commended (80) 'Poem': clear diction, now try not to rush. 'Musical theatre perfomance': a little rushed, keep listening to the music. Pleasing pitch and tuning.
CJL207 (2020) Honours (85) An enjoyable dance with good projection of song and 'Poem'
CGS606 (2019) Honours (85) 'Poem': a bright expression. Now try not to rush. 'Musical theatre performance': Nicely timed vocals. Showing a very pomising tone developing.
Honours (85)

'Poem': clear diction and expressive. 'Musical theatre performance': a toneful voice and expressive. Remember to use your breathing to keep sustained. Characterisation sustained.