Ballet, Grade 0: Primary

29-09-2018 17:48

In Preparatory and Primary Grade candidates demonstrate a basic vocabulary of movement in the chosen discipline. An understanding of the technique is reflected in the ability to co-ordinate very simple movements within the range of their own physical capability.

The Examiner's mark is indicated as Unsuccessful (0-64), Pass (65-74), Merit (75-84) or Distinction (85-100). With a Pass, the candidate has an understanding of the syllabus requirements with adequate demonstration (technique), shows some awareness of timing and rhythm (musicality) and attains a basic sense of presentation (performance). With a Merit, the candidate has an understanding of the syllabus requirement with competent to good demonstration (technique), maintains awareness of timing and rhythm and may respond to the mood and changes of the music (musicality) and shows development of expression through movement and may show ability to project the performance to an audience (performance). With a Distinction, the candidate shows a very good / excellent understanding of the syllabus requirements with a very good demonstration (technique), maintains a very good / excellent rhythm and timing, and responds well to the dynamics of the music (musicality), and shows confidence in performance and presentation (performance).

PIN (year) Overall mark (100) Technique (60) Musicality (20) Performance (20) Comments
CGS630 (2019) Pass (73) 41 17 15 Has a natural rhythm and sense of timing. Continue to practice all the set exercises now
CGS629 (2019) Merit (76) 46 14 16 A confident approach to the work. Worked hard today, however the work was a little rushed in places
CGS322 (2019) Merit (78) 43 17 18 Most promising pointes and knee bends. Rouaa tried very hard with all her steps today.
CGS324 (2019) Merit (78) 43 17 18 Danced with lots of enjoyment for the subject. Continue to practice your steps now.
CBX883 (2019) Merit (78) 45 16 17 Danced with obvious enjoyment. Keep practicing all of the set work now to develop further strength in the technique.
CBX937 (2019) Merit (79) 45 17 17 Showed promising skips and gallops and presented her work well. Keep practicing your steps now.
CBX925 (2017) Merit (80) 47 16 17

Steps well tried today and nice sense of performance developing. Keep footwork tidy now. Expressive witch. Dance danced well, but take care not to rush in places. Well done.

CBX923 (2017) Merit (81) 47 17 17

Lovely smile and sense of presentation. Steps well tried. Good timing and musical awareness. Expressive witch. Dance performed with energy.

CDS268 (2018) Merit (82) 49 16 17

Tried hard throughout. Feet very nicely pointed. Try to turnout a little more. Good elevation. Doll excellent. Dance some lovely steps, but a little hesitant today.

Merit (82) 47 17 18

Lovely smile and sense of performance and steps well tried today. Very good timing developing and expressive clown. Dance nicely shown. Well done.

CBX882 (2019) Merit (83) 49 17 17 A very focused candidate. Nicely timed work, careful placements. Continue to lift the gallops further.
CGS660 (2019) Merit (83) 49 17 17 A careful approach to the set work. Pleasing technical understanding developing, now aim for further use of the feet when skipping and jumping.
CBX889 (2018) Merit (83) 52 16 15

A very good try throughout. Just a little hesitant at times. Super elevation on sautés and echappés. Neat steps. Clown try to vary movements more now. Dance be more confident now. Some neat, lovely steps.

CBX928 (2017) Merit (83) 49 17 17

Dainty work developing and good musical awareness. Steps show promising action and expressive witch. Dance performed well.

CBX884 (2019) Distinction (85) 50 17 18 Presentation of the work coming along nicely. The posture was well maintained. Good girl.
CDS278 (2019) Distinction (85) 50 18 17 Shows lots of potential for this subject. Nicely stretched legs and feet in the exercises. Aim to stretch the sautés and echappés now.
CBX940 (2017) Distinction (85) 49 18 18

Lovely dainty work and steps show promising action. Good musical awareness and timing and expressive clown. Dance performed well.

CDS280 (2019) Distinction (86) 51 17 18 A nicely poised candidate showing strength and agility in the legs and feet. Lovely use of the port de bras.
CBX884 (2019) Distinction (86) 50 17 18 Presentation of the work is coming along nicely. The posture was well maintained. Good girl.
CGS661 (2019) Distinction (86) 51 18 17 Very neat work showing promise. Steps were well timed and carefully placed. Well done.
CBX893 (2018) Distinction (86) 51 17 18

Worked very hard. All exercises well known. Lovely elevation. Just hold your turnout now. Super clown. Dance very good. Confident approach.

CDS267 (2018) Distinction (86) 52 16 17

A very good response throughout. All exercises well known. Try to avoid rolling your ankles now. Super clown. Dance nicely shown.