Primary Grade Theatre Craft

29-09-2018 17:47
Pin Overall mark (100) Technique (60) Musicality (20) Performance (20) Comments
CBX943 (2017) Distinction (87) 51 18 18 Lovely dainty work and steps performed well today. Very good musical awareness and timing. Charming performance of your dance.
CBX944 (2017) Distinction (86) 50 18 18 Lovely smile and enthusiastic sense of performance. Steps show promising action and good sense of timing. Dance performed with expression.
CBX947 (2017) Distinction (85) 50 18 17 Nice smile and good sense of performance developing. Be more confident now. Steps show promising action. Dance performed well.
CDS169 (2018) Merit (75) 45 15 15 Tried hard throughout. Aim now to make your steps neater. Always count carefully. Dance good use of prop. Happy presentation.
CDS241 (2018) Merit (75) 45 15 15 Tried very hard. Aim now to make your steps and exercises neater, by really stretching your lovely feet and working at the ball of your feet more. Dance good timing and use of prop. Good girl.
CDS172 (2018) Merit (75) 44 14 17 A very good try at all of your exercises. Try now to make your work very neat. Count your steps carefully. Dance a lovely happy presentation.